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ants and sauce2
2 May 2007

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17 April 2007

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Car and Container
11 April 2007

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Foam, Floreat Beach
7 April 2007

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Yangtze Morning
6 April 2007

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4 April 2007

Recent Comments

Craig on Raising a Circus Tent
Has a lot of impact

sázky on glass
great shot,exellent colours and details

Katalog stron on glass
great image,exellent work,bravo

Sázky on glass
exellent shot,fantastic details,thanks

Mark on glass
nice shot.Wish all the best and Happy New Year

Katalog Stron on glass
nice image,great colours and details.fabulous

Ruch Poparcia on glass
exellent shot,fantastic colours ,bravo

katalog firm on glass
great shot,nice colours and details

saeed on glass
Nice pov.It meening freedom

rem_la on glass
comme un trou de balle: superbe !

Curly on glass
Quite a striking image this is.

Daryl on glass
Bang! You're gone!

Christian on pool with a digital watch early 1980's
wow... excellent shot

Christian on The Taxidermist
oooh noooo

bm on glass
Very cool!

Bjarte on glass
Great abstract, Mr. Lazy! Is it a plane, a bird or Superman I see in the centre? ;-)

Art Monkey on glass
amazing shot!!

Lisha on glass
wow. what a striking image!

Dimitrios on glass
WHERE IS this galaxy please, ha ha

Behrooz on glass
You really do some strange captures recently. This one is my favorite.

kimono on Students
there's something sad about this picture. great texture, though!

Art Monkey on Tennis
lovely graphic shot!

Behrooz on Tennis
You got a cool frame here! It's like adding a texture layer in PS. Great one!

Lock on Tennis
nice composition

Putter on Tyremark on Playground
Nice colourful abstract shot.

Art Monkey on Tyremark on Playground
this is a great shot LA - almost looks like a modrian (?)

Evie on Tyremark on Playground
Well done - love the bright colors on the track.

Dimitrios on Tyremark on Playground
ARTISTIC, well spoted

Art Monkey on Mahjong gambling boat Yangtze Morning
Wow - that is very very beautiful - it seems so peaceful

Portland on Mahjong gambling boat Yangtze Morning
Congrats...very nice work!

Daniel on Mahjong gambling boat Yangtze Morning
Nice feel you captured with this one.

badala on Mahjong gambling boat Yangtze Morning
Splendid capture!

Craiger on Mahjong gambling boat Yangtze Morning
Gorgeous job!

Evie on Rover
Nice color, reflection and composition. Very creative idea.

Dawn Sutherland on Rover
Great shot!! Captured very well.

Kairospix on Rover
very well shot... clever use of composition to make it look as if it was some landscape shot with a deep blue sky!

Daroru on Formica Swatches
Seems like you've got a series with the last few days shots - enjoying the simple, uniform, geometric compositions ...

Daroru on Distortion
Really like the distotion - hints of roundness given by the shadows at the turns in the wall, almost looks like ...

Daroru on Rain, gondola, Venice
This is gorgeous LA. I know what Art Monkey means above. Great combination of composition, use of darkness and light... ...

Kairospix on Formica Swatches
i like how you used the reflection and the colour tiles behind to create an attractive shot! :)

Kairospix on Tyre on Carpet Curtin University
nice creative shot!

Daroru on Tyre on Carpet Curtin University
Glorious title! You really know how to do 'abstract' L.A.!

Art Monkey on Rain, gondola, Venice
this is a beautiful shot LA! - the colours remind me of Chinese cinema

craiger on Rain, gondola, Venice
I think this is an excellent image. Has a narative quality to it.

Dimitrios on ants and sauce2
they are having a feast! nice one LazyA

Daroru on ants
Very cool LA! Couldn't work out what they were sitting on at first...

Carson on ants
Wow - this is some yummy treat for those ants...

SPunkt on Knife Avalon Beach
I like the cropping, tones and DOF.

SPunkt on pool with a digital watch early 1980's
Cool shot! The blur thing makes the difference to the most other pool shots.

Lock on pool with a digital watch early 1980's
interesting. :)

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